Colorado State University Dorm & Housing Guide 2022

Colorado State University’s flagship campus in Fort Collins is bursting at the seams with new construction to keep up with continued enrollment growth.

The Fall 2021 incoming class of 5,177 first-year students marked the third-largest entering class in the university’s history and pushed total enrollment in Fort Collins to 32,908 students. With increasing demand from undergraduate and graduate students, the Fort Collins campus has seen continued construction for new student housing offerings in recent years, which also aim to offer a wider variety of housing options to students of all ages and backgrounds. To help new and returning students navigate the multitude of housing options available on and off-campus at CSU, here’s a rundown of the dorms and university apartments available for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. 

Colorado State University Dorm Options

Colorado State University offers two different types of on-campus housing for students: residence halls and on-campus University-managed apartments. The residence halls resemble traditional college dorms but offer the community and suite-style student rooms. Community-style rooms do not have a bathroom and instead share a communal bathroom with other residents living on the floor or in the same hall. Suite-style rooms have their en-suite private bathroom for each student. Here’s a rundown of the residence halls available for the 2022-2023 school year and their room options:

CSU Residence Halls:

  • Academic Village: Suite-style 1-4 bedroom units
  • Allison Hall: Community-style doubles
  • Braiden Hall: Suite-style 2 & 4 bedroom units
  • Corbett Hall: Suite-style doubles
  • Durward Hall: Community-style 1-4 bedroom units
  • Edwards Hall: Community-style doubles
  • Ingersoll Hall: Community-style doubles
  • Laurel Village: Community and suite-style units available
  • Newsome Hall: Community-style doubles
  • Parmelee Hall: Suite-style 2 & 4 bedroom units
  • Summit Hall: Suite-style 1 & 2 bedroom units

Colorado State University offers two types of on-campus housing for students: residence halls and apartments managed by the university.

The on-campus apartments are managed by Colorado State University but offer floor plans similar to what a CSU student would find living off-campus. These units have their living room and kitchens but are limited to specific student populations. For example, Aggie Family Village is aimed at families, including students, faculty, and staff, with and without children, while International House is for students at least 23 years or graduates at CSU. Here are the available on-campus apartment communities at Colorado State University:

CSU on-campus apartments:

  • Aggie Village: Studio, 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments
  • Aggie Village Family: 2 bedroom apartments
  • International House: 1 & 2 bedroom apartments
  • University Village: 2 & 3 bedroom apartments

Colorado State University Dorm Costs

The cost of on-campus housing varies by room type and community-style. In the resident halls, suite-style rooms with private bathrooms are more expensive than comparable community-style units where bathrooms are shared. Students can expect to pay more for smaller, more private units – like singles – and less for larger units with more roommates, like quads. Here are the residence hall semester rates for the 2022-2023 school year:

CSU Residence Halls per semester rates:

  • Community-style single: $3,913 – $4,357
  • Community-style double:$3,093 – $3,428
  • Community-style quad: $3,093
  • Suite-style single: $4,140 – $5,438
  • Suite-style double: $3,653 – $4,140

The apartment communities rent differently than the residence halls in that rent is billed per month (rather than per semester), and each roommate pays their own rate. So the rent is charged for the unit per person, whether it’s a two-bedroom unit or a four-bedroom unit. The monthly rent ranges for CSU on-campus apartments for the upcoming school year are:

CSU on-campus apartments rent per month:

  • Aggie Village: $1,130 – $745 per person per month
  • Aggie Village Family: $895 per person
  • International House: $675 – $1,215 per person
  • University Village: $620 – $675 per person

Benefits of Living On-Campus at Colorado State University

Colorado State University encourages all students to consider living on-campus as space allows. Research has shown that students who live on-campus have higher grade point averages and do better academically than students who live off-campus. There are also additional educational, recreational, and social activities offered to students living in the residence halls that aren’t available to students living off-campus. Space is limited, so students in their second year and beyond at CSU may struggle to find on-campus housing if they aren’t on top of application timelines for housing. 

Colorado State University encourages all students to consider living on-campus as space allows.

Can Colorado State University Students Live Off-Campus?

Colorado State University requires all incoming first-year students and transfer students under 21 years old to live on-campus for their first two semesters. For the average student, this amounts to living on-campus for your freshman year but then having the option to live off-campus beginning your sophomore year. CSU guarantees on-campus housing for all incoming first-year students, but housing is limited for upperclassmen to ensure enough on-campus rooms for the incoming freshman class. 

Off-campus student housing communities offer individual lease agreements that align with the academic calendar, usually running mid-August through the end of July.

Benefits of Living Off-Campus at Colorado State University

Students who opt to live off-campus in the sophomore year and beyond have a greater selection of housing to choose among, including both purpose-built student housing and traditional apartment complexes.

Purpose-built student housing communities offer individual lease agreements that align with the academic calendar, usually running mid-August through the end of July. An individual lease agreement means students are only responsible for their own rent – not the rent for any roommates they may have. Individual lease agreements almost always require a guarantor – usually a parent or guardian – who is providing some financial guarantee that the rent will be paid since most students do not have the credit or income to qualify on their own. 

Traditional apartment complexes offer a joint-and-several lease agreement, where all roommates are on the same lease and are therefore jointly responsible for the monthly rent. These complexes are usually at a slightly lower cost than student housing, but students are financially liable for their roommates’ rent payments and the lease terms do not always align with the university school schedule.

Stadium Apartments’ fully furnished student apartments range from two- to five bedrooms.

Off-Campus Housing at Stadium Apartments

Stadium Apartments offers CSU students one of the best locations for an off-campus student housing community. Location at 821 W Lake Street, Stadium Apartments is located on the southwest corner of the Colorado State University campus and Canvas Stadium. The community is within easy walking and biking distance of the center of campus, and is just two blocks away from most residence halls and Aggie Village Apartments, making it seem like an on-campus community with the benefits of an off-campus apartment. 

Stadium Apartments offers two, three, four, and five-bedroom apartments, including unique units with private outdoor spaces offering mountain and stadium views, as well as walk-up townhouse-style units on the first floor. Nowhere else in Fort Collins will you find the unique floor plan offers as Stadium Apartments offers! Plus the community is bursting with amenities, including a central pool deck and hot tub, indoor lounge and study space, onsite fitness center, heated indoor parking, and onsite management and maintenance teams. 

For information about pricing and availability, contact the Stadium Apartments team today at (888) 526-4816.