CSU Dining – All of Your Questions Answered

While most first or second-year students opt for an on-campus meal plan to help with the transition to college, even some third and fourth-year students find that meal plans are a convenient, cost-effective way to plan meals while avoiding the hassle and expense of grocery shopping and cooking.

To help students know what to expect from the meal plan offerings at Colorado State University, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about dining options at CSU.

What are the meal plan options at Colorado State?

Colorado State University offers a mix of meal plan options to pay for dining hall meals and meals at one of the on-campus restaurants or shops.

The most common plans include a mix of cafeteria-style meals in the dining halls and a debit amount that can be used for food purchases at other retailers.

The mix of offerings can get confusing, especially for new students, so here’s an overview of the terminology found within the meal plans at CSU:

  • Swipes
    • Meal-specific swipes in one of the three dining halls on campus
    • Allowances per week depending on Residence Hall meal plan selection
  • Bonus Meals
    • Added swipes that can be used throughout the semester
    • All Residence Hall meal plans come with 15 bonus meals
  • Ram Cash
    • Flexible prepaid debit account for food purchases at restaurants and markets on campus other than the dining halls
    • Ram Cash can also be used for vending machines, parking, laundry, and other on-campus expenses.

Colorado State offers three dining halls that offer cafeteria-style, all-you-care-to-eat dining options.

How much are meal plans at Colorado State?

The cost of meals for undergraduates living on campus ranges from $3,205 to $3,430 per semester.

Students living on-campus in one of the residence halls must have a meal plan as part of their housing contract. Students who live off-campus can purchase a block plan to take some meals on campus, even if most are at home.

The meal plan options and rates for the 2022-2023 academic year at Colorado State University are as follows:

Residence Hall Meal Plans

  • Any 19 + Add On
    • $3,945 per semester
    • 26 meal swipes per week
    • 15 flexible bonus meals per semester
    • $150 Ram Cash
  • Any 19
    • $3,430 per semester
    • 19 meals per week
    • 15 flexible bonus meals per semester
    • $150 Ram Cash
  • Any 15
    • $3,205 per semester
    • 15 meals per week
    • 15 flexible bonus meals per semester
    • $150 Ram Cash

Apartments & Off-Campus Meal Plans

  • Block 5
    • $65 / block of 5 meals
    • Meals purchased for on-campus dining must be purchased in blocks of 5
    • Can be purchased in advance or upon checkout in the dining hall
    • Can be reloaded at any time throughout the semester

Can you change your meal plan during the semester at CSU?

Yes, the CSU Office of Housing & Dining Services allows students to change their meal plan during a two-week grace period at the start of each semester.

Students can upgrade their selected meal plan during those two weeks based on dining habits. Students living in the residence halls cannot cancel their plans during this period since a meal plan is required for those living in a dorm.

The Durrell Center is where most on-campus dining options are located for CSU students.

Where are the dining halls at CSU?

Three dining halls at Colorado State offer cafeteria-style, all-you-care-to-eat dining options.

Those three dining halls are:

  1. Braiden Hall
  2. The Foundry
  3. Ram’s Horn

All of the dining halls have the same operating hours during the academic year and are open for meals during the following time blocks on weekdays:

  • Breakfast: 7:00 am – 10:00am
  • Lunch: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • Dinner: 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Hours vary by location on weekends, with Braiden closed all day Saturday and Sunday except for Sunday dinner service.

Are there restaurants in the CSU student union?

On-campus restaurant options for CSU students are primarily located in the Durrell Center.

This space acts as a food hub of dining options for students and includes the following options as an alternative to cafeteria-style dining halls.

  • Nook – Breakfast entrees and plant-based dinners
  • Grill – Sandwiches, salads, and burgers
  • Pizzeria – Flatbread pizza, salads, and grain bowls
  • The Bistro – Dinner service sandwiches, soups, and sides
  • The Stateroom – Lunch service with a diverse menu

Where are the closest restaurants to the CSU campus?

Given CSU’s proximity to Old Town Fort Collins, the campus is within walking distance of all the restaurants and quick-service food options.

Most of these spots are located on W Laurel Street along the north end edge of campus or on College Ave just northeast of campus. Old Town’s best-reviewed spots are The Colorado Room, Blue Agave Grill, Urban Egg, 415, and Comet Chicken.

What are the closest grocery stores to Colorado State?

Whole Foods Market is the closest full-service grocery store to the Colorado State University campus, located at 2201 S College Avenue.

This location is a bit far from the Lory Student Center or Quad at 1.6 miles and would be about a 30-minute walk. Those with a car may also opt for the Safeway grocery store located east of the CSU campus at 731 S Lemay Avenue.

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