Top CSU Majors & Degrees

Colorado State University offers undergraduate courses to approximately 26,559 students and postgraduate programs to around 7,607 students annually.

With over 34,000 students at the school, the school boasts a small 18:1 student to faculty ratio and new initiatives to help students reach graduation.

CSU is known for its business school, which consistently ranks among the top 10 in the country and offers several business majors. Some of the most popular programs at the school include business management, business administration with a concentration in marketing, chemical and biomedical engineering, journalism and media, and psychology. Here is more on what you should know about these popular programs at CSU.

Graduate Certificate in Business Management – Colorado State University College of Business Department of Management

This graduate certificate program in business management is designed for professionals who have limited business backgrounds. It focuses on teaching fundamentals of marketing, management, finance, and other topics that often come up in a business setting. The nice thing about this program is that it takes less time to obtain and can be used by working professionals who are looking to further establish themselves in their industries.

A degree in marketing opens numerous career options. With a background in data collection and analysis, customer experiences, and design and promotion, you’ll find that your marketing skills are useful in every industry.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing Concentration – Colorado State University College of Business

This bachelor’s degree in marketing is popular among students because the average starting salary for College of Business undergraduates is $51,000. Additionally, 68% of students hold an internship while in school and 92% are placed in a job within 180 days of graduation. The undergraduate program offers support through the Career Management Center, which is exclusive to business students. This helps them with resources like job search support, networking, and professional mentoring.

Bachelor’s of Chemical and Biological Engineering – Colorado State University Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

The Chemical and Biological Engineering Program at CSU helps students master fundamental biological and chemical engineering principles that may be applied across disciplines. The program focuses on the health and safety of the public and environment, and it also gives students a foundation to go on to post-graduate education.

B.A. Journalism & Media Communication – The Colorado State University Department of Journalism & Medical Communication

Students who go through this program prepare to work in traditional careers in advertising, science communication, online media, photography, online journalism, infographics, public relations, and more. The school has a B.A. in journalism and media communication available as well as a master’s and Ph.D. in media communication for students who would like to continue on for more education in the field. Students may also appreciate the accelerated programs, which they can take in less time but still achieve their preferred degree.

Bachelor’s of Psychology – Colorado State University College of Natural Sciences

Students in the psychology program can expect to graduate with a versatile major that emphasizes the natural sciences, such as human physiology, mathematics, chemistry, and biology. The major in psychology is available as an accelerated program, which takes only three years compared to the traditional four. With a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, students can go on to work a variety of career paths as counselors, human services workers, caseworkers, clinical psychologists (when obtaining an advanced degree), and more.

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