What You Need to Know for the Spring Semester at CSU

The start of the holiday season means the countdown to the end of the fall semester for Colorado State University students.

But after just a few short weeks, CSU students will find themselves back in session with the start of the Spring 2023 semester. To ensure students have the key dates in mind for spring and summer 2023 at Colorado State University, here’s a rundown of what you need to know to prepare for the upcoming terms at CSU.

How long is winter break at Colorado State University?

The winter break at Colorado State University lasts for a whole month, from December 17th to January 17th.

The last day of Fall 2022 courses is December 9th, and students then have a brief reading period to study for finals before exams start on December 12th.

Fall semester final exams are from December 12th – 16th, although not all students will need to remain on campus through the 16th, depending on the schedule of their exams. Fall 2022 grades will be posted on students’ RAMweb accounts beginning on December 21st.

Students who have yet to register for Spring 2023 courses should plan to do so before leaving campus for winter break or risk missing out on spots in courses with limited capacity or offerings. While registration for spring semester courses opened in late October, many students wait until closer to the end of the fall semester to finalize picks for spring courses based on their academic standing in the current semester.

When does the spring semester start at CSU?

The Spring 2023 semester at Colorado State University begins on Tuesday, January 17th, following the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on January 16th.

Students only have a few days to finalize their spring semester schedule, as the deadline to drop a course is January 20th, and the final day to add a course is January 22nd.

There is a wide variety of midterm schedules at Colorado State University, as there are many different courses and programs.

How many hours is a full schedule of classes at CSU?

Colorado State University students are considered full-time when enrolled in at least 12 credit hours worth of courses.

For most students, this averages to about four classes per semester. Still, some degree programs, especially those with laboratory hours, may require more than 12 credit hours during a given semester to meet their departmental graduation requirements.

Due to limited capacity on some courses, students may also find themselves going beyond 12 credit hours to enroll in a required course for their graduation requirement. This can sometimes be offset by enrolling in fewer hours another semester. However, students should confirm if any of their scholarship or grant programs require that they remain full-time as part of the eligibility requirement.

Half-Time status equates to 6 or 8 credit hours, and Three-Quarter status is for students enrolled in 9-11 credit hours worth of courses.

Does Colorado State have a spring break?

Yes, Colorado State has a spring break that runs from Saturday, March 11th through Sunday, March 19th.

This is the same week that most national colleges and universities have their spring break, marking the midpoint of the spring semester.

Shortly after spring break, registration typically opens for both summer courses, giving students little time to get back into the swing of their academic schedules, summer 2023 registration for CSU students opens on Tuesday, March 21st, the second day back from spring break.

Students still have a few weeks to withdraw from a spring semester course without an academic penalty. The course withdrawal deadline for the Spring 2023 semester is April 14th.

Does Colorado State have midterms?

Midterms at Colorado State University vary by program and course.

Some classes have midterm exams or papers due the week before spring break, and others do not. Students are advised to review the syllabus for their courses at the start of the semester and plan for midterms as required by their courses.

When do spring semester classes end at CSU?

The last day of spring semester classes at Colorado State University is Friday, May 5th.

As with the fall semester, students have a few days to study for finals before exams start on the 8th.

When are the finals at CSU?

Final exams for the Spring 2023 semester at Colorado State University run from Monday, May 8th through Friday, May 12th.

Exams end later in May than most other national colleges and universities. Still, the dates align with the start of summer course offerings for students continuing through to one of the available summer sessions.

Commencement, for those students graduating at the end of the spring semester, is on the last day of finals, May 12th. Undergraduate students can view their spring semester grades on their RAMweb account beginning on Wednesday, May 17th.

Does Colorado State University offer summer courses?

Yes, Colorado State University offers summer courses.

Course offerings during the summer are often limited to introductory to required courses. Still, they offer students the opportunity to catch up or get ahead on credit hours while opening up time during the Fall and Spring semesters for limited capacity or elective course options.

There are three options for summer courses at Colorado State University in 2023:

  • Four-Week Terms: May 15th – June 11th, June 12th – July 9th, July 10th – August 6th
  • Eight-Week Terms: June 12th – August 6th
  • Twelve-Week Terms: May 15th – August 6th

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