5 Benefits of Student Housing


You have a lot of decisions to make when you’re in school. Which electives will fulfill your schedule without boring you senseless?

How can you make a part-time job work around your academics? Do you want chicken-flavored ramen or shrimp-flavored ramen?

The entire student experience is awesome, and when it comes down to it, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make while you’re there is where you’re going to live. Should you stay on campus, or would you rather apply for off-campus student housing? There are a lot of benefits to living off-campus. Here’s a look at five top reasons you should consider this option:

Off-Campus Housing is Usually More Affordable

On the surface, on-campus student living is usually touted as the more affordable option. Once you dig into the numbers, however, you’ll usually see how quickly the here-and-there charges can add up. For example, when you live on campus, you’re usually required to purchase a meal plan. While the cost of the housing itself may not be all that expensive, when you add on the required food charges, the cost can become exorbitant very quickly.

No One’s Watching When You Come In or Out

You’re an adult, and this is your time to make your way in this world. If you’re in a dorm, you’ll be constantly monitored and someone will always know when you came in or left. Even worse, you may find yourself locked out if your building has a curfew.

Student apartments are exactly that—apartments. Come and go as you please. While we do offer excellent security, including a 24-hour surveillance system, we’re not here to monitor your activity.

Stadium Apartments is the ultimate accommodation for students attending Colorado State University.

You’re Not On Campus

This one seems obvious, but think about it—when you’re on campus, you literally never leave your school life behind. Sure, you may go to parties or meet someone at a coffee shop down the street, but when you come home, you’re still at school.

Off-campus housing enables you to escape from campus life so you can find your own person and relax when you need to getaway. Stadium Apartments features:

  • A first-floor commons area where you can mix and mingle with other students, grab a coffee and get your mind ready for the day, or hit the fitness studio so you can get your blood pumping.
  • Two hot tubs and a heated pool, perfect for relaxing after a stressful day of studying or prepping your mind before exam time.
  • A central courtyard where you can entertain study buddies or simply enjoy good conversations with friends and classmates.
  • A second-floor deck that’s filled with lounge chairs, tables, and raised planters that are the perfect place for taking notes on your most tedious courses.
  • A rooftop lounge with an overview of the Rocky Mountains. We have a wet bar, large flat-screen TVs, and plenty of space to hang out.
  • On-campus student living may offer one or two of these perks, but you’ll have to walk really far, or maybe you won’t have the option to enjoy them at all. When you live where the action is, all you need to do is explore your apartment community.


If sharing a bathroom with a hundred other strangers (or even one other person) isn’t your thing, a dorm certainly isn’t the best option. Privacy is definitely at a minimum in on-campus housing. You’ll have to share the most private moments of your life with other people. If you’re lucky enough to have to share your bathroom with only a few people, you’ll still have to battle over time, space, and cleaning duties. If you have to use a communal bathroom, it only gets worse.

You might not be able to cook for yourself if the kitchen is filled with tons of other people doing the same thing; even the microwave can become a hostage in on-campus student living situations.

When you’re in a dorm, you won’t likely be able to have your significant other stays over, and there are probably plenty of prying eyes just waiting to tell on you if you do. Let’s not forget study time. Studying in on-campus student housing is difficult at best. There are dozens of distractions, noises, and problems that can prohibit you from taking in everything you need to do well in your courses.

With off-campus student housing, you have your own bathroom, so you don’t have to worry about juggling your time with someone else’s schedule (or dirty mess). You’ll have a beautiful kitchen that’s meant to be cooked in, so don’t be afraid to get creative! You can have your significant other, siblings, or friends over as much as you’d like. You’ll also have in-unit laundry, so you don’t have to deal with someone’s wet mess they never bothered to take out of the washer.

And, of course, you can simply shut the door and hit the books when it’s time to get serious about your studies.

Stadium Apartment’s amenities are designed to combine play, study, convenience, and luxury for an upscale living experience like no other..

You’ll Feel Like an Adult

Okay, adulting definitely comes with its downfalls, but there are some really awesome things about being free, too. You’ll learn a lot about who you are as a person when you have to clean up after yourself, pay the rent on time, and figure out when you can invite people over without doing damage to your grades. It’s an awesome balance that feels spectacular when you start to figure everything out.

Since you’ll have more space in your off-campus student housing than you would in a dorm, invite some friends over for game night or test out your chef-like talents. There’s a whole world out there; it starts when you discover who you are as a person!

If you’re ready to explore the benefits of student apartments, we’re here to help! Our Stadium Apartments community was built with students in mind. Fill out an application online today, or feel free to stop by so we can show you around!